Aapo Nikunen, M.Sc. (Law), MBA, M.Sc. (Economics) has been appointed CFO at Eera Waste Refining Oy. He assumes the position at the beginning of 2017. Nikunen currently holds the position of Managing Director of Wega Financial Services Oy, a subsidiary of Espoo-based energy service group Wega.

Mr Nikunen is one of the most experienced professionals in financing arrangements for corporates in Finland and has versatile experience in international capital markets. He has led several equity and debt financing transactions in international equity, bank and bond markets. Mr Nikunen has previously worked as Group Treasurer at Metsä Group, Group Treasurer at YIT Group and CFO at Elenia Oy.

Eera Waste Refining refines raw materials and energy from waste and biomass mainly outside OECD. The project development and investment activities of the company are based on technologies bought from trusted technology partners and close collaboration with leading international financial organisations.