Waste is not to waste

We are a Finnish circular economy company with the objective of producing value from waste by innovative waste management solutions. By treating organic waste, recycling plastic, and transforming waste into more environmentally friendly fuel, we help companies benefit financially and also act responsibility. 

Our vision is to solve the global waste challenge together. 

How can we help?

A network for plastics recycling

The Plastics Recycling Ecosystem platform hosted by Griffin offers an exceptional opportunity for companies in all stages of the plastic waste value chain to come together to learn from each and create new business opportunities.

We provide innovative waste management solutions globally

Griffin’s vision is to solve our global waste challenge together. We want to help companies regard waste as a useful and valuable resource, instead of seeing waste as a polluting burden.

Are you interested in working with sustainable waste management solutions globally? 

If you are interested in working on sustainable development matters in an international organisation, we would love to hear from you.

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For sales queries please call us at
+358 20 730 5230
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