Griffin Refineries Oy’s United Arab Emirates branch was officially awarded its first large-scale waste management concession in the region.

Griffin Refineries is a shareholder of the newly founded Emirates RDF Company, which is the project company that will build and operate the first state-of-the-art waste fuel plant in the entire area of the Gulf countries. The ownership of the enterprise is shared with the local TechGroup owned by the leaders of the Emirate of Ajman and the extraordinary successful Belgium-rooted construction company Besix, that counts masterpieces like to Burj Kalifa to their reference list.

The RDF (Refuse Derived Fuels) plant will be built in the northern part of the UAE, to contribute solving the household waste issue in the northern Emirates Ajman and Umm al Quwain. The plant will absorb one thousand tons of waste per day and produce valuable fuels which will be used in the local cement industry. The industry is herewith following the legal framework, that engages the fabrics to contribute to the waste management solution in the country by using waste fuel instead of fossil fuels. A positive side-effect will be the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which is achievable when using alternatives to coal and gas when producing cement.

Christian Abl – the CEO of Griffin Refineries, highlighted after the signing ceremony, that the government sees this project only as the start of a chain of projects, that should get the UAE fully free from waste being dumped by 2030. Therefore, he expects several more projects of this kind to be realized in a close future – the signing of the first concession makes Griffin the company of choice to run as well the coming projects.