Fuel from waste for industrial companies

Fuel from waste helps companies save costs and meet sustainability requirements

Is your company operating in a highly energy-intensive industry? 

Are you looking for ways to cut fuel costs? 

A growing number of companies in highly energy-intensive industries are interested in new cost-saving energy forms.  At Griffin, we help our customers save costs by transforming municipal and commercial waste into RDF (Refused Derived Fuel). By using RDF as fuel, companies can reduce their consumption of fossil fuels, which has a positive impact on both company profit and the environment.

Consistent quality at lower costs 

We offer our customers a fuel-from-waste solution, where the municipal and commercial waste will be turned into cost-saving, renewable RDF fuel. RDF can be used in all industries that use coal as a fuel source. 

Experience has shown that a transition from coal to RDF has helped manufacturers save up to 30% in fuel costs. 

For the customer, the process of constructing a fuel from waste plant with us is easy and effortless. We handle every phase of the installing process – from planning to delivering and installing the fuel from waste facility. We work together with an extensive network of partners and suppliers, which gives us access to multiple solutions and proven technology. Our technology-independent offering is a guarantee to the customer, that the chosen technology is the optimal method to start transforming waste to fuel.  

Therefore, our flexible operation model meets all the customer’s requirements and guarantees a consistent and high-quality of the end product. 

Griffin operating the whole fuel production process reduces technical challenges

When the plant is up and running, we can together with our partners take over the responsibility of operating and managing the fuel from waste production process. We have the expertise to manage the whole process, including transporting the waste and shredding it, producing the finished product, and finally delivering it to the location of use. 

The production follows the lean production principles, where central control room operations, multi-skilled workforce, and efficient material flow are the backbone of the smooth-running process

Our joint venture RDF plant in the UAE helps cement factories cut costs

Our new Emirates RDF plant – the first to be open in the United Arabic Emirates area – is an excellent example of our way of helping factories cut fuel costs and decrease the landfill problems in the region. The project is a Public–Private Partnership implementing a Build-Operate-Transfer scheme and contributes to the UAE’s strategic objectives of landfill diversion and carbon reduction. 

The plant, a joint venture of leading waste recovering and refining companies, is designed to handle over 1,000 tonnes of municipal waste daily. Over 80% of the waste is converted into low-carbon alternative fuel to be delivered to local cement manufacturers.

Read more about the plant and how we solved the fuel challenge here

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