Sustainable and cost-effective landfill solutions for municipalities

Turning landfill into sustainable fuel saves costs and land use costs

Waste is an increasing problem worldwide. Landfills cover ever larger areas causing huge costs for municipalities and cities, as well as for the environment. Demands for more sustainable solutions require public organizations to handle waste according to the circular economy principles. 

At Griffin, we help municipalities and cities handle their waste problem effectively and sustainably by transforming the municipal and commercial waste into RDF (Refused Derived Fuel). Turning waste into RDF fuel has a significant positive impact on the environment. At the same time, it’s helping municipalities reduce costs.

Reducing landfills with our end-to-end solution

For our municipality customers needing to meet the landfill diversion targets, we offer a flexible and easy solution to reduce landfills.

We offer to manage the fuel production facility, where the solid waste will be shredded and baled into the final product. The RDF waste management approach allows a very broad range of waste materials to be processed, whilst removing recyclable materials such as metals, glass etc.

The transformed end-product will be used in highly energy-intensive industries, for instance, in cement plants.

Our end-to-end operating model solves the pressing challenge of growing landfills and CO2e emissions. At the same time, commercial companies can take advantage of waste turned to fuel.

Best network of contractors and suppliers

Griffin works together with an extensive network of global partners and suppliers, which gives us access to multiple solutions and proven technology. We use the best available technology for your situation. That is why you can be sure that the end solution is always tailor-made precisely to your needs.

Our company is based in Finland, which stands for reliability and high performance. The Finnish government organization Business Finland has granted us financing support, which is the ultimate proof that our business plan stands on solid grounds.  

Our RDF plant in the Emirates benefits both the public and private sectors

An example of our way to work is our new fuel from waste plant in the United Arab Emirates. 

Our new RDF plant in the Emirates was commissioned in late 2020. At full capacity it will handle over 1,000 tonnes of waste every day, collected from 0,5 million inhabitants of the Ajman and Umm Al Quwain emirates.

The Emirates RDF plant project started with the need of finding a balance between economic growth and environmental protection. The project is based on the vision of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and was carried out with the financial support of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs of the UAE. Emirates RDF is a joint venture of the contractors BESIX and Tech Group along with Finland based Griffin Refineries.

Read more about the plant and how the landfill problems were solved in the UAE area here.

Let us help you find a solution to your landfill problems. Not only is our solution a viable landfill alternative, but it also meets the environmental requirements.

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