Sustainable waste handling solutions for waste management companies

Fuel from waste instead of waste-to-landfill 

Waste handling is a huge problem for many industries and service companies and, consequently, for the environment. Sending production waste to landfills is increasingly expensive and does not meet the requirements of sustainable solutions. It even affects the company and its brand image.

Griffin helps waste production companies reduce their waste disposal to landfills by turning waste into RDF. This brings substantial cost savings and is a sustainable way of handling the waste, minimising CO2e emissions and protecting the environment. 

Fuel from waste saves landfill costs 

We offer the waste production companies an efficient way to dispose of the waste. It is more economical than taking the waste to the landfill; the production waste can be turned into RDF (Refused Derived Fuel) fuel and sold to highly energy-intensive industries to replace their fossil fuels.

An end-to-end solution with the best partners

We handle every phase of the process – from interfacing with the waste source and processing it into quality fuel and then delivering and storing the RDF product. We work together with an extensive network of partners and suppliers, which gives us access to multiple solutions and proven technology. The network helps us provide our customers with the most suitable solutions for their needs. 

Our company is based in Finland, which stands for reliability and high performance. The Finnish government organization Business Finland has granted us a capital loan, which is the ultimate proof that our business plan stands on solid grounds.  

Our state-of-the-art facility in the Emirates uses the latest RDF technology  

The Emirates RDF fuel from waste plant is a joint venture of the contractors BESIX and Tech Group and Griffin Refineries. The facilities are a prime example of how 80% of the waste collected is converted into low-carbon alternative fuel. Opened in October 2020, the plant handles over 1,000 tonnes of municipal waste every day.

Our solution allows processing very diversified waste, as long as the materials are combustible. 

In the process, the unsuitable components will be removed, and most of the industrial waste and commercial waste can be treated to produce environmentally friendly fuel.   

Read more about the waste handling process in the RDF plant here.

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