Griffin, Reclay and FinnLoop partner up to develop circular economy solutions in Finland

As new recycling legislations come into force in the EU, the pressure is on for the Finnish packaging industry. Waste management experts Griffin Refineries, Reclay Group and FinnLoop are stepping up to the challenge to help the industry to adapt.

The next few years will bring a lot of changes to the Finnish packaging industry. 55% of plastic packaging must be recycled by 2030, and there is still a long way to go. In 2019, the recycling rate in Finland was circa 30%, and the rate will only decrease once the new calculation methods come into force in the EU.

As the need to further develop circular economy solutions in Finland increases, sustainability pioneers Griffin Refineries and Reclay Group are stepping up to the challenge with FinnLoop.

“FinnLoop offers consultancy services to Finnish manufacturers and foreign importers for improving packaging recyclability, international extended producer responsibility obligations, 

reporting to authorities, and auditing support”, says Antti Tiilikainen, Chairman of the Board at FinnLoop.

Part of modern circular economy

FinnLoop was founded in December 2020 as a joint venture by Griffin Refineries and Reclay Group. Griffin’s expertise and understanding of local legislations and markets, combined with Reclay’s vast knowledge of consulting and Extended Producer Responsibility matters, creates an ideal working ground for FinnLoop to take over the legal requirements regarding EPR and secure access to recyclable materials.

“FinnLoop is a new entity, however it has strong experience from both Finnish and international packaging markets”, says Anne Fraser-Vatto, Board Member at FinnLoop.

“I look forward to working together with Griffin Refineries and Reclay Group to start creating something new within this area. I think there would not have been a better time for FinnLoop to enter the Finnish territory of Extended Producer Responsibility”, says FinnLoop Sales and Business Development Director Teemu Sihvola.

Supporting EPRs overseas

In addition to domestic markets, FinnLoop also offers Finnish companies holistic services to help them comply with EU’s recycling legislations, which differ from country to country. The differing legislations create a lot of opportunities for a company like FinnLoop to help their customers act in a proactive way to avoid any risks around the area.

Click here to find out more about FinnLoop and how they can help your business in Finland or in the EU.

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