Circular organic waste management

The circular economy approach helps to utilize organic waste efficiently and sustainably 

Global population growth and the related food demand are straining the already fragile equilibrium of natural resources. These trends have significantly altered nutrient cycles, depleted soils and increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Unfortunately, the present linear waste treatment set-up is unsustainable and insufficient and leaves the majority of the organic waste unutilized. 

However, the combination of circular economy concepts with the modern organic waste treatment practices foster the development of the new holistic organic waste management approach.

The holistic circular approach integrates new treatment technologies with traditional processes.

The traditional linear approach consists essentially of applying separately the current treatment process to all available organic waste streams, without a particular focus on the interaction between them. The holistic circular approach takes into account the characteristics of organic waste treatment and integrates new treatment technologies with more traditional processes in order to fully exploit its potential.

This approach shares some traits with the industrial symbiosis concept, where a network of separate industries recovers and redirects resources and the by-products of its processes to improve the efficiency of the overall business. 

Utilizing the circular approach is extremely flexible as it can be adapted to virtually any conditions. The treatment processes for organic waste can be combined in several ways and the development of new applications increases the number of possible combinations. 

The holistic circular approach links together efficient waste management practices and sustainable land use by recirculating nutrients and organic matter back to the soil using the available organic waste. 

Our technology-independent offering is always based on customer needs. Therefore, the chosen solution is always the optimal way for the organization to handle organic waste. 

As a result of the holistic circular approach 

Griffin Organic Circularity contributes to solving one of the world’s most pressing problems by providing a holistic organic waste management solution for local market conditions.

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