New products from waste

Waste reimagined and turned into an array of new products

Griffin’s new holistic approach and modern treatment technologies open up opportunities to develop an array of new products that fit the future trends of precision farming and industrial biobased products. 

Particularly, the agriculture sector and chemical industry can benefit from these new sustainable materials and contribute to lower the environmental burden of human activities. 

By introducing a holistic organic waste management solution, companies can create commercially valuable products, while at the same time acting sustainably.

Efficient waste management offers profitability in agriculture and food production

In a circular holistic approach context, the composting process plays a very important role. The effective management of the final residuals from different processes guarantees not only the profitability of the process in economic terms, but also enables sustainability for human-related activities—in particular, agriculture and food production. 

In fact, the current shift in agriculture practices towards selective farming and knowledge-intensive precision crops requires an efficient nutrients recycling system, coupled with environmentally friendly practices. Only this way we can achieve sustainable food streams. 

Organic waste recirculated back to the soil

Composting helps to recirculate the organic matter back to the soil using the available organic waste. Utilizing new innovative composting technologies, we can make the food production streams vastly more sustainable, even with increasing population. Converting waste into fresh soil organic matter and returning it into the soil, is one example of sustainable development.

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