A company network for plastics recycling

We help companies find new sustainable and viable business opportunities

Companies worldwide are looking for different methods to meet the increasing requirements of sustainable plastic waste handling solutions. At the same time new business opportunities for reusing plastic waste are being developed. The Plastics Recycling Ecosystem platform hosted by Griffin offers an exceptional opportunity to connect with business contacts and create new business opportunities.

Sustainable plastic waste handling requires stakeholders working together

Plastic waste is not the responsibility of one actor, but of all the stakeholders that are present in the plastic value chain. The Ecosystem is a network, where legislators, brand owners, product designers, packaging producers, waste owners, collectors and recyclers as well as technology suppliers in plastics recycling all come together to learn from each other and create new business opportunities. 

Only by working together can we develop a sustainable way to handle the plastic waste at the different stages of the plastic circulation. Only by the input of all the stakeholders in the plastics value chain, can we adapt the circular economy principles and develop innovative new products, for example by designing more sustainable plastics packaging. More than 30 companies from Finland, the EU, the UK and the Middle East have already become members of the system, and the number is continuously growing. 

The Ecosystem is financed by the governmental organization Business Finland. 
If you are interested in being part of the circular plastics value chain through our network and access new markets and leads, please contact CFO Anne Fraser-Vatto anne.fraser-vatto@griffinrefineries.com or CEO Stuart Campbell stuart.campbell@griffinrefineries.com.

The Ecosystem member companies

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