Solve the global waste challenge with Griffin Refineries at Expo 2020 Dubai

Welcome to the future of waste management. On January 13th 2022, Griffin Refineries invites you to Expo 2020 Dubai to a VIP Event at the Finland Pavilion Majlis, hosted by our partner Redland Growth Lounge.

Join us for the day and explore the important topics of sustainability and waste management in the circular economy. The event will be filled with inspiring keynote speakers, meetings, and networking to help your business reach new heights and make international growth easier.
Our event begins with keynote speeches about managing waste when moving to a circular economy. Keynote speeches and panel discussions will be live streamed. Griffin’s objective is to promote circular economy by producing value from waste by innovative waste management solutions. Our activites and solutions can help to achieve multiple United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals.

Our theme: Managing waste when moving to circular economy

By treating organic waste, recycling plastic, and transforming waste into more environmentally friendly fuel, we help companies regard waste as a useful and valuable resource, resulting in financial benefits and environmentally responsible actions.


2pm–3.30pm (GST)

 We will explore the following topics:

  • Utilizing and processing of waste as a substitute for fossil fuels
  • Circularity in plastic waste, municipal and c&I waste, organic waste
  • Recycling and its impacts on greenhouse gases and CO2
  • Regulations and its impacts on circular economy – challenges and opportunities  

Keynote: Mika Horttanainen, Professor of Environmental and Waste Management Technology, the Head of the Department of Sustainability Science at Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT University), Finland
Keynote: Martin Malmros, CEO at Snowkap
Keynote: Christian Abl, Managing Director at Reclay

6pm–8.30pm (GST)

Dining, drinks and a dazzling performance by Martti Vannas, an award-winning magician, professional corporate entertainer and a licensed medical doctor. Make sure to arrive on time to see the spectacle!

Our vision is to solve our global waste challenge together. We want to help companies regard waste as a useful and valuable resource, instead of seeing waste as a polluting burden. Register today to secure your seat at our VIP Event at Redland Growth Lounge and to experience the magnificent Expo 2020 Dubai.

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